Download Playdead’s INSIDE – Great new puzzle game for iOS/Android

Download Playdead’s INSIDE – Great new puzzle game for iOS/Android

Playdead’s INSIDE New Design

Updated OnOctober 2021
NamePlaydead’s INSIDE
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresiOS 11.0

Playdead’s INSIDE is quite similar to LIMBO, where the player controls a boy who solves puzzles in a natural environment and avoids death. In other words, Playdead’s INSIDE is a perfect continuation of LIMBO. This game is also honored to receive the Best Independent Game.

Playdead is famous for producing horror puzzle games. Among them, the popular product that has to build the name of the Playdead is the LIMBO – a very exciting puzzle game with black and white graphics. Getting known since 2010, after seven years this game has been available on all platforms from PC to Mobile and Console.


Based on that success, Playdead continues to release a new project called INSIDE in 2016, which is released on platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. This year, the company brought INSIDE to mobile devices with the name called Playdead’s INSIDE. If you have to spend money to buy LIMBO, Playdead’s INSIDE can be downloaded completely free (only for iOS).

Playdead’s INSIDE Download

Playdead’s INSIDE begins with the boy sliding down a steep rock and straying into the monster forest. A strange man and hunting dogs pursued him. After escaping from the strange man, the boy strayed into an experimental area where the scientists were doing experiments on the living organism … While in the lab, the boy steals The helmet that has the ability to control the mind, allowing him to control the living of entities. Found by the lab, he will have to embark on a journey of escape, exploring a world full of danger and death.

Playdead’s INSIDE New Design

When I experience this plot, I think quite a bit about Stranger Things, the movie that Will was kidnapped by a monster born from the lab. I quite like the genre of horror, I had to play the game immediately after this.INSIDE has a similarity in play style with Limbo. You will have to start the game without any dialogue or instructions. The puzzles are constantly appearing, but the mystery that does not have the answer is continuity surrounding you. The key to completing this game is to find out for yourself what appears around you, sometimes a little hunched and lucky. You will have to control the boy moving constantly through the darkened areas. Control the boy running, jumping, dragging objects to solve puzzles through swiping on the phone screen.

Playdead’s INSIDE Gameplay

Death, unavoidable when playing INSIDE. Surely your character will die a lot if not solve the puzzle or not enough time. It could be drowning in flooded rooms, being shot by hunters, or falling down from the ground, or even being hunted by dogs … These are terrible deaths, You may be obsessed with playing this game. Believe me, I still remember printing these images in my mind.


Graphics is new in this game. If LIMBO is only available in black and white on the horizontal screen, Sky: Light Await is designed in colour full theme, Playdead’s INSIDE brings more realism with the 2.5D graphics. The game is shown in dark background color, monochrome. The light effect is exquisite, making it unique to Playdead’s INSIDE in general and Playdead games in particular. The sound of the game was inspired by the horror film in 1980. Created gloomy, cold music but caused a sense of horror for any player. What I like is that the sound of the game is more varied than LIMBO.

The end

This game is beautiful, haunting, and memorable. Its puzzles create real difficulties and challenges; It also transmits secret messages about people, the environment, and many other issues that you will have to really think about in order to discover it in every game.

Playdead’s INSIDE is a game where once you have passed a game, you can not play it again, but the challenges ahead are never over, and you never know what is waiting for you. Game support for both PC, PS4, Xbox One (charged), and iOS (free). If you want to experience it, you can download the game through the link below. I also hope to have a version of Playdead’s INSIDE APK for Android users.

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