Download Fling Fighters APK For Android/iOS

Download Fling Fighters APK For Android

Updated On                                              October 2021

Name                                                        Fling Fighters

ID                                                              com. crane balls.fling fighters

Publisher                                                   Craneballs

Genre                                                        Fighting, RPG

MOD Features                                          No

Size                                                          60M

Price                                                        FREE

Requires                                                  Android 4.4

Have you ever thought About Fling Fighters there is a new action role-playing game you do not need without fighting yet? So let introduce you to an exciting game called Fling Fighters For Windows. In this game, you will not need to be a fierce chopper and you will defeat your opponent by throwing each other. This unique game is released by Craneballs. The game has brought a new breath to the gaming community, a fun, entertaining game.

Fling Fighters For Windows

Fling Fighters For Windows

As I mentioned above, in Fling Fighters, you will be immersed in the most fun shooting jokes without the need to move hands. Your task is simply to jump and throw your weapons to hit the enemy. The person who loses blood is the loser. It sounds like Gunny – a turn-based shooter game, but you’re wrong. In this game you are free to move, dance continuously, and throw your opponent unlimited delight.

Fling Fighters owns more than 40 characters. The characters Greenie, Bowmaster, Fella basketball, Apeboy … each have their own weapons attached to them like Honky Tonk using a skateboard, John throws a gun. In addition, the skills or combo of the character are also quite different. The range of weapons varies, so you can take advantage of this to move, avoid enemy attacks and throw them at the head. In particular, you can also upgrade the appearance of the character as well.

Fling Fighters For Android

Fling Fighters For Android

You will be fighting over 10 maps with 10 completely different terrains. Each map is protected by a mighty boss. Fling Fighters have a fascinating style. Increasingly, Boss’s skills will be more difficult to ask you to play more times to be able to win. Become a champion, win all your opponents, and bring back valuable trophies from the game. A Pile of pieces helps you upgrade your character’s strength and power.

In battles, you will encounter countless deadly mechanical traps on the terrain. In this game there are 9 types of traps, such as electric traps, steel cages, etc. They will instantly trap you, disable or keep you in the air for a while. More dangerous, some also cause you to lose a lot of blood. So, you need to be very careful not to touch these types of traps. Not only that, but some characters also have trapping skills.

Fling Fighters For APK MOD

Fling Fighters Skills

In addition to playing the game, Fling Fighters also bring you real-time PvP mode attractive. You will be in touch with other players from all over the world. In this game, skills and reflexes are two of the top factors. Train your skills daily to win every opponent. Climb the top ranking in Leaderboards and rank systems, honoring top players in this game.

This is its own relatively nice 2D graphics. Character animation and flexible motion mechanism will make you feel the most fun and comfortable when playing the game. In addition, the sound of the game is also very humorous to bring interesting experiences. Are you ready to engage in exciting, unique battles? supports both iOS and Android platforms. Download the game on the machine via the links below.

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