Download Chrono Clash MOD APK v1.0.285 (SpeedX)

Download Chrono Clash MOD APK v1.0.285 (SpeedX)

Updated OnOctober 2021
NameChrono Clash name.chrono clash
PublisherGame name
MOD FeaturesSpeedX
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Recently, Chrono Clash MOD (SpeedX)  I have reviewed many strategic action games like Chain Strike or Space Commander. Continuing with the strategic game series, today I introduce you to Chrono Clash MOD APK of the publisher Gamenami. With attractive gameplay combined with beautiful 3D graphics, Chrono Clash promises to be one of the most popular games next time.

The game will take you to discover the mysteries of the ancient world. The land of Tevalles is in the midst of the war between humans, monsters, demons. The ancient war broke out everywhere. You are a member of a mercenary group. Take part in the battle, destroy all the monsters and other enemies, earn as much money as possible. You can become the legendary warriors of the land of Tevalles.

What’s the fun about this game?

In Chrono Clash, you have to build a team of three members. They can be Samurai, Stormcaller, Dancer, Paladin, Chemist, etc. The characters system is divided into different job classes. Initially, you had three characters NimbleThor, Pablo, and Ancilla. Use them, engage in battles. Then you will receive the money and unlock more characters. I am very impressed with the character system of the game. In addition, Chrono Clash’s system is also very useful. You can equip your character with hats, weapons, armor, and upgrades skills every time you level up.

Chrono Clash is a turn-based action game. However, unlike other tactical games. In this game, you must carefully calculate the cooldown of each character. A strong skill deals more damage but spends more cooldowns time, and vice versa. Therefore, each turn you must use your skills appropriate to destroy the entire enemy and still protect your team.

You can hit the opponent from the back, hit from the sides of the wing to surprise or back the whole team to defend, avoid attacks from the opponent. You can do everything, as long as you win. I recommend keeping a good distance squad to help the characters support each other. If there is a character in the team too aggressive, moves up too far, it is possible that character will be destroyed by the enemy.

You can select different modes in Chrono Clash such as Dark Templar or Knight and Mage. I think the two modes are very interesting, requires you to think about headaches to find perfect tactics. You can discover a lot of mysteries when playing this game.

3D graphics

Chrono Clash‘s graphics are based on a 3D platform, looking pretty good, quality. Everything in the game is carefully designed by the publisher Gamenami, from street corners, churches to the characters. The dead air, darkness, the color of the ancient war. Even in the most chaotic war, the game has no lag status. In short, I am completely satisfied with the graphics of this game.


Chrono Clash is a relatively interesting strategy game at the moment. Maybe it is not too great, but the game still brings the best experience for you. You can download Chrono Clash to your phone via the links below:

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