U-Dictionary MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v5.0.9 For Android

U-Dictionary MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v5.0.9 For Android

Updated On                                        October  2021

Name                                                   U-Dictionary

ID                                                         com. you do. indict

Publisher                                             Talent Education

Genre                                                  Utilities

MOD Features                                    VIP Unlocked

Size                                                      28M

Price                                                   FREE

Requires                                           Android 5.0

Nowadays, U-Dictionary MOD APK English is gradually becoming an important need for everyone. If you want to find a good translation app for Android devices, U-Dictionary MOD APK  For Windows (VIP Unlocked) is a suggestion that APKMODY would recommend to you.

U-Dictionary For offline


U-Dictionary For Windows

Currently, this application has up to 58 languages worldwide. Translate text from any language such as English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese… Just select the original language of the text you just entered, then select the language want to translate, you will get results almost immediately. With artificial intelligence algorithms, the translations are also extremely intelligent and close to the user. As a result, you do not have to worry every time you travel or go on business to another country. If you want to order a coffee at an Italian cafe, translate the question in your own language and touch the microphone icon so this app helps you talk to the waiter.

U-Dictionary Latest Version

Look up words easily with the U-Dictionary compiler. The application will show you the full results of the word you have just translated, including the meaning of the word, the usage in the sentence. Of course, words and phrases don’t just have one meaning, they can change based on the context of the sentence. Therefore, you can improve the quality of translation by participating in contributing and rating the translation to help the application have more results that match the user’s wishes.


U-Dictionary APK

With the dictionary system available from the developer, you can also translate documents and texts even when your device is not connected to the internet. You can learn foreign languages anytime, anywhere, without too much dependence on the quality of your internet. Of course, the results you get when you translate offline are not diverse, and the app doesn’t even recognize some special words.

U-Dictionary New Outlook

Do you see the confusing text on a billboard? You do not want to re-enter the text because it is too time-consuming, or even it is not a Latin letter. Don’t worry, U-Dictionary makes it easy for you. Touch the camera icon, take that photo and wait for the app to analyze the data. The application will automatically separate the text from the image, recognize the language of the text and return you the best results.

To use this feature, you need to allow the app to use your device’s camera. Note that you should choose good quality photos, because a blurry photo can affect the recognized ability of the application, causing erroneous results.

U-Dictionary MOD APK for Windows

The U-Dictionary can recognize the voice

Of course, this is one of the indispensable features of a translation app on smartphones. iTranslate and Google Translate also have this feature. Just speak for the app to recognize your voice, then translate it into the language you want. Of course, you also need to pronounce close to the standards of native speakers if you want the application to recognize the most accurately.

This feature is also a great tool to help you learn pronunciation when learning a foreign language. You can also find the pronunciation of each word if you encounter a long and difficult word. If you want to chat with a foreign friend, whether in person or online, let U-Dictionary be your translator. Just speak into this app, then record the translation and send it to your friends, all language barriers are solved.

Correct errors in text and chats

After installing U-Dictionary, the application will automatically mark errors when you compose a text or chat with friends on social networks. Thanks to this app, I don’t make dumb mistakes while chatting with friends, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings. U-Dictionary is like your language teacher, helping you learn and improve your language skills anytime, anywhere.

MOD feature:

  • VIP Unlocked
  • All VIP features are unlocked.

Download U-Dictionary MOD APK for Android

This app is your best friend in every language exam. Thanks to U-Dictionary MOD APK you can check the meaning of a word, its pronunciation, and its usage easily and effectively. You can even save difficult words for you to look up later.

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