Locus Map Pro APK iPhone Free Download

Locus Map Pro APK iPhone Free Download

Updated OnOctober  2021
NameLocus Map Pro
PublisherAsam Software
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Locus Map Pro APK  You are an active child who loves to hang out but you’re not familiar with the road. It could be such a tough time for you to go out alone without having guidance. Well, at this time, Locus Map Pro will be an active and useful companion.

Locus Map Pro APK

Getting lost is not scary. It’s scary when you really lose your temper and ability to determine the direction. Wherever you go, wherever you are, don’t let yourself get into that unwanted situation. The best way is still to be equipped with a handy navigation application on your mobile. When needed, just take it out and use it so that you’re not passive in any situation. That’s why I definitely want to introduce to you a handheld application that has the effect of directing and tracking the way.

Locus Map Android

Locus Map Pro is one of the most optimal navigation applications available today for those who love outdoor activities. Do you like jogging long-distance, mountain biking, hiking to the top, striding through winding trails, on an excursion? Or do you even conquer the challenge as an adventurer who is not afraid of difficulties? As Well As Locus Map Pro would be an ideal companion.

Locus Map For Windows

Locus Map Pro will show you the way by voice with the help of routing services that work both online and offline. This function is very convenient when you are on the road and cannot hold the phone through. Just a headset, the way is now within reach.

Locus Map Pro

On Locus Map Pro, there are maps displayed in both online and offline modes. It includes basic and advanced maps such as standard road maps, map overlays. If you want, you can edit and personally note the route, destinations, time, hot contacts on these maps for easy tracking on the road.

Both voice and map directions navigate to a preset point on the map or with the compass in the app. Alternatively, you can let Locus Map guide you along the shortest and safest route between any two points. These points can be imported and exported from different formats like KML, KMZ, GPX…and web services like Strava, Runkeeper, Google Earth…

Key Features:

  • As Well As LoMaps – OSM – based vector maps of the whole world, which contains themes for hiking, cycling, winter sports, road or city use.
  • Moreover Germany, Austria, Italy – Kompass, Outdooractive Summer and Winter, Freytag-Berndt hiking maps
  • Additionally United States – Accuterra trail maps
  •  Futhermore Switzerland – SwissTopo
  • Sum up United Kingdom – Ordnance Survey (eq. to Landranger and Explorer)
  • Also France – IGN topo and satellite
  • In Additionally Spain – CNIG
  • Futhermore Poland – Compass hiking maps
  • More Over Czechia, Slovakia – SHOCart
  • PZS Slovenia, IGN Belgium, Cartographia Hungary, etc.
  • Also SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux, RMAP.

Locus Map

Locus Map Pro For iPhone

If you are interested in climbing, hiking, or cycling, the set of sports monitoring features available in Locus Map will be of immense help. Specifically in the application, there are a variety of features available to help you measure your current performance, before and after the training process, the coach through voice instructions, chart statistics, and support for external sensors for accurate fitness measurement (measurement – HRM, speed/cadence, GPS, NMEA).

Locus Map 

Locus Map can also help you monitor and forecast the weather before and during the trip. It will be detailed enough for you to anticipate all hazards from the weather. Up-to-date information with data retrieved from reliable weather forecast sources around the world, by geographical area, according to the route and location you are traveling to.

Locus Map is famous for its high customizability. In the process of using all information can be set according to the needs of the user: from the main menu to functions, control panel, display screen… All can be adjusted to merge with the search needs, instructions, and usage habits of each person.

Download Locus Map

In short, Also with such a wide and satisfactory range of functions, your trip cannot be without the presence of Locus Map on your phone. It will help you stay on track, Also ensure the best possible safety, and avoid any mishaps through weather warnings. Moreover, If you are an “activity lover”, you should install Locus Map on your device immediately.

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