ExpressVPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v10.12.0 For Android

ExpressVPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v10.12.0 For Android

Updated On                                           October 2021

Name                                                     ExpressVPN

ID                                                           com. expression.VPN

Publisher                                               ExpressVPN

Genre                                                    Utilities

MOD Features                                      Premium Unlocked

Size                                                      13M

Price                                                     FREE

Requires                                               Android 5.0

Network required


For some reason, if you want to access one website and hide information about the IP you are using, or use the IP of another country, let seek the help of ExpressVPN MOD APK. Currently, in some countries around the world, there are many carriers blocking their users from accessing websites with inappropriate content. There are many solutions that have been proposed to overcome this barrier, but using a VPN is the most convenient.

Fast speed connection

Currently, there are quite a few free VPN providers. However, they limit the speed in terms of bandwidth and connection speed. Because of this, the loading time of a web page is longer, causing you to spend a lot of time waiting and experience significantly reduced. But since ExpressVPN was released, this issue has been resolved. Although it is free, you can rest assured of your connection speed. It is very fast because the developer has more than 3000 servers located worldwide. Therefore, access from any geographic location becomes easy and fast.

ExpressVPN icon

High security

ExpressVPN developers have integrated TrustedServer technology for this product. Currently, this is one of the most powerful technologies to protect the privacy of online sessions of users. Or worry about anonymous hackers will install monitoring programs, malware when accessing public wifi? ExpressVPN will not let such things happen by a solid wall that protects your data.

Increase safety when accessing the web

I do not want to publicize the IP I am using and the geographic location accessed, because some people may steal my information. This is also a case where many people probably feel worried, but ExpressVPN will solve this problem. The information is concealed when you browse the web, and activities such as history are also completely erased after you exit.

User-friendly interface

A good experience also depends on how the interface is designed so that the user feels easy to use. ExpressVPN has done that by focusing on the main information that a person is interested in using this service. A tab on the left of the screen shows the available areas for connecting. In particular, they also recommend the locations with the most stable access speed for your location.


The Home shows the status of the VPN (about the current connection area or recent). It has a switch icon and you can turn it on or off with a single click. In addition, the settings let you customize some information about the connection, the protocol used when accessing, about the account, or about the browsers that can connect to the VPN of ExpressVPN.

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: The MOD APK version has removed the hardware binding of the phone to the application, helping you to register free trial as many times as you like.


ExpressVPN offers users a seven-day free trial. However, you need to register for an account and pay after 7 days. There is a problem that there are too many spam accounts. They created a new account after the free trial period, so developers have tightened up the process in some countries.

But don’t worry. If you have the above problem, take the following steps:

1:Moreover  When the trial expires, delete all the data of the app.

2: Also Turn on airplane mode, turn it off after a few seconds.

3:Addtionally  Open ExpressVPN, tap on Free Trial and enjoy your Premium.

Download ExpressVPN MOD APK for Android

Safety on the Internet is what anyone cares about. ExpressVPN was born out of this need and handle backlog issues such as hiding access information or accessing geographically restricted websites. For example, web applications such as Youtube Music or websites with content not suitable for your country. It would be sad if it’s just a personal need you want to use, but you can’t use some services for some silly reasons.


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